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Afternoon Extra with Rob Perks 

Monday & Tuesday

1pm - 4pm

Join Rob on Carousel FM for Afternoon Extra every Monday & Tuesday for some great music, the featured album, the 3 from 1 at 3, and your chance to win a prize on the Lyric Competition.

Jay Atkins NUA Show


6pm - 8pm

Join Jay for his Newly Unsigned Alternative and hear new upcoming artists right here on Carousel FM.

The 70s Show with Dave Edwards


5pm - 6pm

Join Dave for all the best tunes from the 70s.

Electric City with
Fred Setters


5pm - 6pm

Join Fred for Electric City, which is dedicated to golden age of Synthpop, Electronica, New Wave & New Romantic artists from the 1970's & 1980's

Blast from the 80s with Gary Hopkins


10pm - 12pm

Join Gary for the best tunes from the 80s on a Wednesday evening.

The Swing Show with Adam King


0920pm - 12am

Swing with the King on a Thursday evening here on Carousel FM.

New show coming soon 

The Friday Gold Mine with Rob Perks


4pm - 6pm

Join Rob for the best music from the 60s, 70s and 80s plus information on events & celebrities born on this day in history.

Rock Solid With
Fred Setters


9pm - 11pm

Join Fred for Rock Solid, a Classic & Progressive Rock Show.  Playing music from the greatest bands of the seventies & eighties, as well as discovering some of the latest releases

The Red Thread Show with Tim Cooper


3pm - 5pm

Join Tim for The Red Thread Show where every song link in some kind of way. Can you work it out?

New show coming soon

Blast from the 90s with Gary Hopkins


6pm - 7pm

Join Gary for the best 90s tunes to warm you up for your Saturday night.

Nige on the Radio


2pm - 4pm

Join Nigel who will be live from Liverpool on a Sunday afternoon.

The Eurovision Show with Simon Harding


5pm - 6pm

Join Simon his unique Eurovision Show.

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